Easycare Review

Easycare wraps are thin, but yet have cush (padding) on my shoulders when wearing it in either a back or front carry. It’s thicker than a Vatanai, thinner than a Neobulle. It’s thinner than a BBslen. Yet, as I mentioned…it has cush (padding) on my shoulders. The ends are straight edged vs. tapered, but so far I’ve not found that a problem when tying. It may because mine is a 4.7m, so the extra length allows for easy tying or could also because they are thin. The first thing I noticed is that they have more give to them than other woven wraps (ie Neobulle, Storch), so I have to tie a little more carefully than with my other wraps. Once tied on well, I get the same level of support…which really surprised me! I had thought that because it’s thin and has more give, that it’d not be as supportive. Happy to be wrong on that, since I’m thinking this lovely wrap (I have No. 01) will be a very reached for summer wrap for me.

Wearing Easycare wrap No. 01 at a recent picnic
Side view of Easycare No. 01
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