Don’t worry about it…get ’em dirty

My wraps get a beating. I wrap with them outside and while I prevent the ends from touching the ground most of the time, there are times when the ends do drag on the parking lot, the beach, the park or wherever else we are. Is it something to worry about? Nope, not at all! Once they get dirty enough, they take a wash in the washing machine and come out super clean and ready to go again. Woven wraps are simply just pieces of cloth. Yes, sometimes pricey pieces of cloth, but don’t’ treat them so special that you are afraid of using them! By being afraid of getting them dirty, you aren’t using them to their full potential. So, go ahead and wrap outside, let the ends drop as you learn to wrap outside. Use them as picnic blankets, let your kids play with them even outside, and remember that dirt can be washed off with soap and water. And should they get stained…well, consider them truly loved. That’s what I do.

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