Days of summer…

I’ve been enjoying the summer days with my children by being outdoors almost every day. It’s summer-like here year around really but we do have our “seasons” and during the summer months the days are hotter and the skies clearer.  I love being around my children and each day look forward to what we’re doing next. Loving these days of summer.

What kind of things do we do? Well, like many families, we too are on a tight budget and so I find things to do that are free. The wonderful thing about that is almost everything outdoors and nature-based in this area is free. From the nature centers that we love to visit, to the beach, to the local parks. I do prefer to be out where imagination and creativity run wild so am not a fan of indoor playgrounds or even parks with play structures (though we do visit them sometimes). We head instead to the outdoors and I pack a plenty of snacks and a lunch for everyone so that we can stay out longer.

Because of how busy we are during the weekdays, Sundays tend to be the day I feel like doing nothing but staying home. And then Monday it’s back to our days of summer.

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