Creative Ideas for Paper Bags

I have these really cute reusable grocery bags from Blue Q, but it has happened more than once where I find myself without them at the grocery store and end up using paper bags instead. And then when I am done putting away my groceries, I find myself with more paper bags than one can possibly need. What to do? What to do? Why, let the kids go at them ofcourse!

Here are some creative ideas on ways to get more usage from grocery store paper bags.

  • Finger paint paper and also table cover
  • Paper to practice cutting with (one of son’s most recent favorite activities)
  • Trace little hands and then decorate the designs
  • Let the kids practice cutting by cutting out the writing on the bags
  • Make crowns for decorating and wearing
  • Make some (very) temporary play clothes to paint and glue glitter and ribbons on
  • Make funny face masks for the kids to wear
  • Use them to gift wrap “gifts” around the house that the kids can then have fun opening
  • And of course you can also reuse the bags at park dates and other outings
  • Make a little book with staples or tape for the kids to draw on
  • Make a large silly hat 

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