Comparison of the Boba and the Oh Snap

A few weeks ago, I did a comparison of both the Boba Baby Carrier and the BabyHawk Oh Snap (and also the Ergo). But, recently a mama at a babywearing forum wanted to know in more detail what are the differences between the Boba and the Oh Snap. I’ll share my answer with you all too and hopefully it’ll help if you’ve been trying to decide between the two.

Here are some of the differences and similarities:

  • Boba is out of the box simpler to use and BabyHawk Oh Snap you need a little more time to figure it out and/or read the directions because it has more features.
  • Boba is worn back pack style in front carry and Oh Snap straps cross (X) on the back.
  • Both have dual adjustable straps.
  • Boba has a curved top and the body curves around your little one. Oh Snap has a firmer top and the body is very much like the regular BH body.
  • Boba has a removable sleeping hood and OS does not have a sleeping hood.
  • The waist of the OS is adjustable both for your back and also the sides can be adjusted to fit the front of your waist too.
  • The OS has chest straps that you need to remove when wearing it on the front and it’s a pain to put them back on, so most actually just leave them hanging on the back.
  • Both are recommended for older babies and toddlers, because the body is tall and there’s no infant insert. If you have a younger baby, I’d check out the Beco or Pikkolo instead.

Here are some pictures of each showing them worn with babies (over 10 months) and an older child as well:

Boba with a baby and an older child

BabyHawk Oh Snap with a baby and older child

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