Comparison of Felice, Earthy Rainbow and Northern Lights

All three of these Girasol woven wraps are absolutely beautiful ~ Felice (an exclusive to Granola Babies, Earth Rainbow and Northern Lights (designed by and available at Granola Babies).

First there was Earthy Rainbow which I would say was designed a few years ago. It has always been a sought-after and much loved wrap for it’s beautiful colors and stripes.

Then there was Felice, who I designed as the first USA Girasol exclusive rainbow wrap. I chose a mix of jewel tone colors I loved but I left out yellow and orange since I personally wanted a rainbow wrap without these two colors in it.

And then there was Northern Lights which is the sister of Earthy Rainbow – same colors on the stripes but using a different weft color giving it a slight different look than Earthy Rainbow.

Today at the store I took some pictures of these three beauties. I’ll take more and add to this post and if you have your own pictures you’d like me to add to this blog post please email me through the Granola Babies contact page.

Earthy Rainbow (top) and Northern Lights (bottom). Earthy Rainbow has a red weft and Northern Lights has a dark purple weft. They are very very similar except for one side which has a more blue tone (Northern Lights).

Felice (top) and Earthy Rainbow (bottom). Felice has no yellow or orange threads and has  wine color weft. Earthy Rainbow has oranges and yellow and has a red weft. The main differences are the colors in the side of the wrap pictured above.



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