Comparison of Boba, Oh Snap and Ergo

Recently, I got to try out the new Boba (update as of 2012 there is now a newer Boba) buckle carrier and to compare it in detail with both the Ergo and the BabyHawk Oh Snap. All three are similar in that they buckle on, but each one has their own features that makes them unique. Here are a series of photos comparing each one, including photos of me wearing my then 10 month old in each one.

Ergo on top of Oh Snap.
The Oh Snap body is taller than the Ergo body.Boba on top of Oh Snap.
The bodies of both of these carriers are about the same height.
Both of these are recommended for older babies and toddlers.
An infant would be too small for either the Boba or the Oh Snap.
Oh Snap (left) and Boba (right)
The Boba has feet stirrups. The shoulder straps of the Boba go over your arms and shoulder like a back pack. The straps of the Oh Snap can be crossed, similarly to a mei tai.

Ergo (left) and Oh Snap (right)
The straps of the Ergo also go over your arms and shoulder like a back pack.

From left to right – Boba, Oh Snap and Ergo
All three have a well padded waist band. The Boba and Ergo both have a curved waist band. The Boba’s waist has dual adjustability, whereas the Ergo’s adjust one way only. The Oh Snap has a straight waist band. The Oh Snap has the most adjustable waist band in the market, so it can be adjusted to fit well on the front and back. It’s very unique.

From left to right – Boba, Oh Snap and Ergo
All three also have padded shoulder straps. The least padded one is the Oh Snap, followed by the Boba and then the Ergo, which has very padded straps.

My son at 10 months worn in the Boba. It fit him just right. To give you an idea of whether your little one would fit in the Boba, my son is about 50% percentile in both height and weight. The Boba has a curved head rest and the body of it curves around his body. It reminded me very much to how the Kozy mei tai fits. That’s a huge plus to me, since I like the way the Kozy fits us.

My son in the Oh Snap. Both the Boba and the Oh Snap have just about the same size body (including the head rest), so he fit into both the same. The Oh Snap has a more structured head rest that can be folded down.

Here he is in the Ergo. The Ergo has a shorter body. Unlike the Boba and the Oh Snap, the Ergo has a sleeping hood. And it can be used from birth (using the Ergo infant insert or receiving blanket). All three can be used with older babies and toddlers.

Thanks for letting us share this comparison with you! We will continue this with an upcoming post on how to choose a buckle carrier.


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