Coming into 2017

It's been a good year.

Granola Babies continues to grow, due to our amazing customers. I've said it before and it's so true, we have the BEST customers ever. Hands down. We're lucky and we're so thankful.

During 2016, Granola Babies had a very big change with the opening of our community room to retail space. In doing so, we were able to add 50% more products for our customers and keep the focus of our boutique on providing the best eco-friendly sustainable gifts for children. Our core classes were moved to our Annex, which is striving as OC's go-to for parenting classes and education.

One of my goals for 2016 was to grow our toys selections and we were able to do that in 2016. In this coming new year, we'll be increasing toys even more and in doing so, become the one-stop shop for toys for ages 0-6 years old. As our customers have noticed, we are quite picky when it comes to toys and we'll continue to hand-select our products into the new year.

On a personal level, my children entered their second year at Leport Montessori, during 2016. While at Leport, we've learned so much about the many benefits of Montessori education and lifestyle. During this new year, I hope to share more about this through a monthly blog post.

As some of our customer have learned, there are major changes also in the personal level. My children's father and I, amicably and together, bring in the new year as co-parents to our children but no longer a couple. It's a new journey for us as individuals that includes nesting (learn more here) and co-parenting, just as we have been since our children's births.

So as I come into 2017, I do so with excitement of what it brings, joy and thankfulness. It too will be a good year.



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