Choosing between a 2.6m and a 3.6m wrap

Both a 2.6m and a 3.6m wrap are considered short wraps (or shorties). Which size is right for you depends on what carries you’d like to do.

With a 2.6m, you can do carries like a rebozo. And also back carries like rucksack tied under the bum, as well as one called RRRR. These are two of the popular back carries carries done with a short wrap.

You can do all these and more with a 3.6m too. I do a rebozo with a 3.6m too, but have long tails (I’m 5’8″). But, you can also do carries like a short cross carry, a back wrap cross carry, rucksack and also hip cross carry.

I tend to use a short one like a 2.6m as a convenient baby carrier that can easily double as other things like a blanket. When I use it, I use it mostly as a rebozo and a quick back carry like RRR. Whereas I use a 3.6m when I’m going to do back carries for a long time and want to be able to tie around my waist and also for carries like a hip cross carry.

They each serve a good purpose and it’d make perfect sense to have each length if you are able to. I’ve blogged about a beach day where I used a 2.6m. It was absolutely the most perfect length for a trip like that. And I’ve also blogged about using a 3.6m and it being the right length for that day and occasion.

But, if you need to choose between getting a 2.6m or a 3.6m, here are tips to help you choose.

  • Do you already have a long wrap? If you already have a long wrap, get the 2.6m as a convenient short wrap for quick trips.
  • Will you be using it mostly for back carries? If you are going to do mostly back carries with your short wrap, get the 3.6m to be able to tie in the front.
  • Will this be your only short wrap? If you don’t have a short wrap at all and this will be your only short wrap, get the 3.6m for more versatility.
  • Do you have a newborn? I so, I suggest a 2.6m to be able to do rebozo carries, which is also a great carry for nursing in a wrap.
  • Will you be wrapping a toddler most of the time? I recommend a 3.6m, since you can do more supportive back carries.

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