Candy, candy everywhere!

Oh Halloween, such a fun time! The kids so excited for what they will be that day. Mamas getting costumes together, thinking about the adorable pictures they will take that day. Maybe decorating the house for Halloween and for sure checking out the decorations of our neighbors. And comes that evening, the trick o’ treating, enjoying all the night’s visitors and hoping everyone leaves happy. What a fun time for the little ones! And the parents who enjoy it all through their kids. Aaaaah.

And then.


The candy.

All.that.candy! More candy than our kids could possibly eat (or that I would ever allow them to eat!) and more candy than should ever be allowed in my house. What to do? What to do?

Well in our house, we have the Pumpkin Fairy!  Yes, the Pumpkin Fairy. Who is she you ask? She magically takes care of our little problem for us. And the kids look forward to it every Halloween!

It’s so magical and quite simple. The kids pick one piece of candy and then put the rest of it near their beds at night. The Pumpkin Fairy comes that night and picks up the candy and in return leaves them a small gift. Maybe it’ll be a crystal, a small car, a skirt for a doll or a sweet book. It’s such a mystery for my kids. They begin talking about the Pumpkin Fairy the moment that the first sign of Halloween comes around. And they wait with anticipating to see what their gift is the morning after Halloween.

But where does she take the candy? Well, she takes it to my husband’s job where they can go at it. And some is also sent to Operation Shoebox as a special treat for those working hard for our country.

Yes, we love the Pumpkin Fairy.

Happy Halloween!

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