Camping at Lake Casitas

We did it. We camped more than two nights with the kids. Believe it or not, we’ve never done that before! We have always camped just one night with the kids and usually a nearby camping site. But, this past weekend we camped at Lake Casitas which is about 2 hours always and set on a beautiful lake. Our campsite was right across the lake and being Labor Day weekend, the campsite was completely full. And that actually was quite wonderful for us, since there was a family next to us with children and the kids had so much fun playing together back and forth between our campsites.

Sleeping on our way camping.

We overpacked and we knew we did. I like overpacking instead of packing light. With overpacking I can be sure that I will have everything I need. It’s why I’ve always packed extra when traveling. And since we’re also fully stocked on camping gear, we had quite the packed car. However, we did all fit in quite nicely though a bit cozy.

Some essentials we took camping

  • There were no showers near our campsites so for bathing I filled one of the tubs half way and sponge bathed the kids after dinner.
  • Potty bucket and tent which made “I have to go to the bathroom!” notices from the kids so much easier.
  • Stove top coffee maker and also my blends of teas
  • Real foods – no typical camping foods for us. We ate really really well while camping. Best part of the day!
  • Games for the kids – chess, checkers, making fairy homes, drawing
  • Table cloth – felt so homey while camping
I also took really great reading along though I certainly didn’t have as much time to read as I had imagined. But, as I was able to, I enjoyed good reading.
If you ever go to Lake Casitas, I really liked camping sites G25 and G26 and would actually book both when we go back. One side was a little more elevated and had a great view of the lake. And the other side had great shading (and still view of the lake).
I’m already looking into our next camping adventure. Thinking of heading to San Diego!

When you go camping what are your essential must-haves?


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