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I’ve always said that while breastfeeding may be natural, it’s not always easy. It wasn’t for me and it hasn’t been for many many others. There are mothers that breastfeeding just falls into place. And there are mothers that breastfeeding is a challenge from the beginning. For either of those of mothers, we are here to support, encourage and help them be able to continue giving human milk to their baby.

Weekly Breastfeeding Support Group

Every Wednesday at 1pm we welcome all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers (or those wanting to breastfeed) into our comfortable community room to receive support, meet other breastfeeding mothers and to help them with breastfeeding issues. We also have an excellent lactation resource list in Orange County. Mothers nurse their babies, share their breastfeeding triumphs and challenges and receive encouragement, education and support.

Breastfeeding Class – Getting Started and Beyond

In this thorough 2 hour Breastfeeding Class, we’ll cover the reasons to breastfeeding, the benefits, breastmilk production, normal infant breastfeeding behavior, how to get started in breastfeeding, how to know a good latch, correcting latching issues, different nursing positions, getting comfortable in nursing and more. Unlike a hospital class where the setting is like being in a conference room with a lot of strangers and a big projector, this class is comfortable and a small setting so that you have time and plenty of attention given to you to prepare you to successfully nurse your newborn.

Private Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support

Sometimes as a new mother it’s just easier to be able to get breastfeeding support in your own home. As a CLEC and Postpartum Doula, I visit you at your home to help you with all your basic breastfeeding needs – how to latch baby, positions, how to make sure your baby is getting enough milk, when to know to call a pediatrician, support, and education with all things breastfeeding. And since I’m also a Postpartum Doula, you’ll receive help on setting up your area for bonding and caring for baby, learn tips on caring for your newborn, eat a healthy a meal or snack, support other family members at home, and more. Ideally we recommend booking a three hour visit, but we can also do one hour and you’ll receive support and education that will last you for months to come.

Breastfeeding is your baby’s most perfect nutrition and we’ll support and encourage you through this amazing journey.

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