Boys clothes are NOT easy to find

What a long long day I had. Let’s start by saying that buying for boy clothing for Granola Babies is not an easy task. It’s a long, selective and treasure-hunt-like task that is very tiring, rewarding (when you find the right ones!), but also a little frustrating. I’ll tell you why – almost everything available for boys is either made in China and/or not 100% cotton. Now, don’t get me wrong…I believe in globalization. I also know that many USA and European-owned companies use ethical and fair trade factories in China. And we carry some of those products at the store. But, when I first started selecting new clothing brands to bring to Granola Babies this year, I decided that I’d not bring in any new brands that are made in China. Girl’s clothing was a blast. I selected pieces from brands I adored and was able to find not just made of cotton, but also girl’s clothing made here locally.

Made in the USA and isn't it just lovely!

And once I found what I needed for girl clothing (many of which I also purchased for my own little girl), I started my search for boy clothing. And it was not the same! I found that most of the clothing wasn’t 100% cotton or was made in China.

Not finding what I was looking for for boy’s clothing, I decided to drive up to Los Angeles today and spend an entire day at a clothing show. I saw many many cute items for boys. And it was sooo tempting to add them to the store. So, so tempting. But, still I kept on looking for what I started out to find.

See! I found cute, 100% cotton, USA-made boys clothing.

Finally, after what felt like such a long day, I found two that I liked and were made in the USA (local even!) and are 100% cotton. And I loved them!

End of day – mission accomplished!

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