Boba 2G Organic vs. Boba 2G Classic

Nap, Inc. introduced it’s newest – Boba 2G Classic. And questions started to fly! What is it? Why the different name? Is it the same as the current Boba 2G Organic? What’s the size of it? What size range does it fit?

Well, we know it all. Ok, sometimes that’s like the annoying thing someone can say. But, this time it’s a plus! In our household, Boba 2G reigns supreme as my husband’s favorite soft structured carrier. So, as you can imagine we know it inside and out.

Here you go!

The Boba 2G Organic and Classic are exactly the same design. The main difference between the two is that one (Boba 2G Organic) is made from 100% certified organic cotton materials and the other (Boba 2G Classic) is made from quality, but not organic, cotton materials. The other differences is that the Boba 2G Organic is made in the USA and the Boba 2G Classic is made in China, similarly to how the Ergo is also made in China. And the final difference is in the price with the Boba 2G Organic priced at $118 and the Boba 2G Classic at $100. Still both are very affordable soft structured carriers, so we are still loving that.

Boba 2G can be used in both a front and back carry. It’s very easy to learn to use it. You simply buckle on the waist, then pull the straps over your arms, adjust the fit and you are done! The waist measurements are 28 inch waist belt that extends to 56 inches. The body is 13 inches in width and 16 inches in height.


  • Features a patent-pending removable foot straps
  • Includes a matching, removable sleeping hood
  • Has military grade buckle on waist band
  • Contoured waist band for extra comfort
  • Has a high back panel for safety and support
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and waist band
  • Seat darts in the body
  • Chest strap for when doing back carries
  • One Size

The Boba 2G Baby Carrier can be used comfortably and safely with babies and toddlers from 15 pounds up to 45 pounds. We have found the it fits best with older babies and toddlers.

As Boba 2G fans we are here to answer any questions, so feel free to comment here if you have any! And if you have a Boba and love it, let us know!

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