Birth – raw and real.

“Birth is not neat and fast and quiet: it’s gritty and primal. But it’s nothing to fear unless you also think we ought to fear women crying when they are sad or laughing when they are happy.”
Mayim Bialik, Ph.D

Are the raw emotions of a woman just having given birth a little too much for us? Over the weekend my friend April of Confident Beginnings posted a picture of a woman having just had birth, clenching her baby to her body and her face full of raw emotion. In this picture there was the quote above from Mayim Bialik. Having seen this picture and feeling the passion and the truth of it, I shared it on our Facebook page.The next day the picture was removed from Facebook. Facebook said that it violated their policies. Hmmm…how? As it turned out it was that in the picture you could see the breasts of the woman. Really? Because of the breasts of a woman that just gave birth? That’s why this picture was removed and the message along with it?I then re-posted the picture again on our Facebook page and asked that if you believe in it, to re-post the picture as well. My thinking being that the more we as a culture see women in their natural states of birth, in the realness that is birth, in all the various ways that then pictures like this will lose their “shock value” – which would be a very good thing!  Birth pictures will become as normal as seeing the various ways a woman looks when she laughs….when she cries. Just another form of normal.

The picture created a much needed conversation. One that included those that felt it was not modest or that they didn’t like the way she looked. And others also commented how they found her beautiful and the emotions real and that they saw it as just another way a woman expresses herself at birth. Normal. Real. Raw. Not quiet and pretty but real and raw and primal.

Later that night….the picture was removed by Facebook. Reported enough times for Facebook to take notice. Somewhere in our fans pages the picture is posted and who knows how long before it’s removed. Yet some day if collectively we as a birthing community keep educating about pregnancy and how it’s not a medical condition, it’s not a condition that is an emergency waiting to happen, it’s not something we should fear nor shy away from, something we shouldn’t talk about unless we’re Doctors, someday when a picture like this is posted for all to see, we won’t be afraid, we won’t think her immodest, too much for people to see, but we’ll see it for what is is….another form of normal.

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