Best of Toddler Snacks

My toddler loves to snack. And he likes to snack in between meals, as well as when we are out and about. And if I don’t have a snack available, this sweet boy turns into Oscar the Grouch’s closest cousin. With my kids, I’ve noticed that if I keep their bellies full, they tend to have less break downs. Makes sense right? Even I get a little cranky when I’m hungry. So, I’ve made it a point to keep healthy and filling snacks handy. These are the favorites in our household.

Toddler Trail Mix
Mix together unsalted almonds, cashew halves, pine nuts, golden raisins, dried bluberries and/or dried cherries.

You can keep a mixed amount in a storage container and use it as a quick energy snack for the kids.

My kids can literally eat a pint of yogurt a day. They love it!

Be sure to get the good yogurt! The ingredients listed first in any package are those that has the most content in the product. So, check to see that the probiotics in the yogurt are one of the first ingredients listed. Skip yogurt that are sweetened or have artificial flavors.

String cheese or small cube cheeses are a big hit here. My kids really like mild cheddar and mozzarella.

Simply cut up one or more of these as a snack – apple, pear, grape, melon, banana.

When in a rush and the kids really need some protein, I grab a handful of almonds for them…and then for me too!

Such an easy snack! Slice the cucumber and serve.

Whole Wheat Toast with Raw Honey & Almond Butter
This is so easy, yet it’s a treat for my kids since they love honey. Toast a slice of whole wheat bread and lightly spread some honey and almond butter. Yum!

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