Beco Gemini vs. Beco Butterfly II

Now that Granola Babies has Beco Gemini in stock I can do a detailed comparison of the Beco Butterfly II and Beco Gemini. But, let me start by saying that the Gemini is just as comfortable as I had remembered it. It wears like a mei tai but with a padded waist and it’s very supportive with my own toddler. But, let’s get into the details of this comparison, since I know many of you want to know!

Side by side – Beco Butterfly II (left) and Beco Gemini (right). Here you can see that the fabric panel is smaller in the Gemini. Only noting that for those that like as much of the print as possible.
Strap comparisons – Gemini (top) and Butterfly II (bottom). The straps of the Beco Butterfly II look more “cushy” because they are curved, whereas in the Beco Gemini it’s straight. They are both nicely padded, but not bulky. Beco Gemini has a simpler sleeker strap, since it doesn’t have the same webbing/buckles on the straps as the Butterfly II.

Inside of body comparison – Beco Gemini (left) and Butterfly II (right). Here you can see some that the Gemini doesn’t have any inserts attached to the body or inner harness. Why the inner harness? Why would you choose that over none? Well, if you need more security when learning back carries, then the Beco Butterfly II is for you -the inner harness allows you to put your child between the harness and the panel and makes it easier to learn back carries. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to learn with the Gemini though! It takes just a little more practice.

Front comparison – Gemini (left) and Butterfly II (right). The straps of the Gemini are worn crossed at the back and on the Butterfly II they are worn back pack style. You could technically wear the Gemini back pack style too. Though they don’t have the same curve as the Butterfly II.
Body size comparison Beco Gemini (bottom) and Butterfly II (top) – With the headrest of the Gemini unsnapped, the Gemini body is taller. When it’s snapped, the body height are the same as the Butterfly II.

Waist comparison – Beco Gemini has a curved waist band and Butterfly II is straight. Both waists are padded. Also, did you notice where you clip on the Gemini? The buckle will sit on your side vs. on your back. I really like that!

Beco Gemini headrest – The headrest of the Gemini is padded and can be snapped down (shown) or unsnapped for head support or added height.

Body base of the Gemini – This is where you snap the body base so that you can do legs out sooner with a small baby or front facing out (recommended for short period of time and when possible front facing in is preferred).

Strap placement – Beco Butterfly II on top of the Beco Gemini to show where the straps connect under your arm. You can see that they are at the same location.


It’s very easy to nurse in the Beco Gemini. The Beco Gemini is worn just like you would wear a mei tai. The straps are on your side and you can simply move them a little to the side for easy access to nursing. My son started nursing as soon as I put on the Beco Gemini.

Straps crossed at back – here’s are how the straps cross at the back when wearing the Beco Gemini in a front carry. Those little straps you see towards the top of the straps are the chest straps that you use when doing a back carry.

Enjoying the Beco Gemini!

If I left something out and you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. I’m more than happy to help you choose or use either your Beco Butterfly II or Beco Gemini.

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Ruth Esther says...

Hi, I have a baby of 8 months, weighs 5.2 kg… he was very sick. I was thinking of buying the Beco gemini, exactly the same as the one in the picture, my baby still can not sit alone. What do you recommend me?
Greetings from Ecuador

Posted on June 15, 2017

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