Beco Gemini Sneak Peak

So, I’m sure you all know by now how excited I am about the Beco Gemini. It’s all that and then some! And we have a sneak peak! Actually, thousands of you got a sneak peak…it’s in the Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. ;)

Why I love the Beco Gemini, you ask? Here’s why!

  • The Beco Gemini is an all-in-one baby carrier that will allow you carry your baby comfortably in the front, hip or back.
  • The waist of the Gemini is padded, as are the straps, but not so much that they feel bulky.
  • The straps can be worn crossed on your back or you can also wear them back pack style.
  • Because of it’s unique design, you’ll be able to make the bottom of the body narrower easily through snaps.
  • Front facing out is an option and unlike mass produced baby front packs, your baby will be in an ergonomically correct position while worn front facing out in a Beco Gemini.
  • The body size works for an infant and through toddlerhood.
  • There’s a headrest that is can be folded up or down. If used with a baby, it provides excellent head support. With a toddler, it elongates the body and therefore makes the body tall enough for a toddler.
  • It’s super comfortable with a new baby, as it is with a toddler.

I love it!

Don’t forget to sign up for the waitlist so you can be first to hear of the pre-order and see all the other pictures of the Beco, including what colors it’ll be available be.

Granola Babies Beco Gemini Waitlist Sign-up

You are probably wondering what’s the difference between the Beco Butterfly II and the Beco Gemini?

Well, there are few main differences between the two. First, the Beco Butterfly II has back pack style shoulder straps, similar to the Boba and the Ergo. And the Beco Gemini has straps that can be worn crossed on your back when doing a front carry, similar to the Pikkolo and the BabyHawk Oh Snap.

The Beco Butterfly II has an internal harness, so it’s easy to learn a back carry. It’s a very unique feature and helps parents wanting to do a back carry, learn to do so with a lot of confidence. The Beco Gemini doesn’t have a harness, but this does not mean that you can’t do a back carry! You can learn to do a back carry and it’s actually super comfortable, but it has more of a learn curve do so.

The Beco Butterfly II has an infant insert. It’s removable and it’s there so that you can use your Beco Butterfly II with a new baby. When your baby is in the infant insert, it lifts the position of the baby higher. The Beco Gemini does not have any inserts…because it doesn’t need any! The straps are dual adjustable and the body is shorter when the headrest is folded down, so you can get a nice snug fit with a new baby without needing an insert.

With the Beco Gemini, you can do front facing out. But, wait…isn’t that a bad position for baby? The concern with most soft structured carriers that are used in front facing out is that the baby is dangling from the crotch and also baby can easily get overstimulated. There’s no way for baby to hide out from too much stimulation. In the Beco Gemini, the position of the baby in a front facing out carry is one that is ergonomically correct. And for over-stimulation, you simply stay aware of that and switch baby back to facing you. In order words, use this position for short periods of time. And remember…you don’t have to do this position! It’s meant for parents who have babies that insist in this position.

Basically, now you have the option of two great soft structured carriers to meet your needs!

Here’s more!

Beco Butterfly II and Beco Gemini Comparison Chart

Beco Gemini
Carrying Positions

Front Carry
Back Carry
Hip Carry

Front Carry
Back Carry
Inserts No inserts (not needed because of the design) Removable infant insert and inside harness
Padding Shoulders and straps are padded Shoulder and straps are padded
Shoulder Straps Crossed on the back with a front carry and when doing a back carry you can cross in the front or wear back pack style. Worn backpack style in both front and back carry.
Maximum Weight 35 lbs 45 lbs
Wearing a Baby Because it’s dual adjustability you can wear a new baby snuggly without an insert. First you put your baby in the infant insert and then you put the carrier on you.
Toddler Babywearing The headrest is unfolded and adds height to the carrier, so that you wear a toddler as well. You can fold the headrest down for when your toddler wants to have arms down. The body is tall enough to use with a toddler.
Sleeping Hood Has a sturdy headrest, but no sleeping hood. Has a removable sleeping hood.
Front Facing Out The body of the Gemini snaps at the bottom so that it’s narrower, allowing for a front facing out position, yet still ergonomically correct. This carry is recommended only for short periods of time. Not designed for front facing out position.
Chest strap
Has a chest strap Has a chest strap
Waist padding Padded non-bulky support waist. Padded non-bulky support waist.
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