Beco Gemini NEW Prints

It’s that time again! One of our favorite and most loved baby carriers at Granola Babies is going to be available in new Spring prints/designs. Remember when the prints of the Beco Gemini were on the outside of the body like this?

Pretty prints in front.

And then later due to women wanting the dads to also want to wear the Gemini (psssst they didn’t get the memo that real mean wear pink) too. And so they were mostly buying solids instead of the lovely print they personally loved….Beco came out with the new Geminis with the prints in the inside instead. So, then you could only see the print when the head rest was down. The dads were happy! And some of the mamas too.

Cool dude. Cool print.

But, the rest of us women who really wanted the lovely print and whose husbands would wear it because they don’t care one way or the other were a bit bummed out. And so Beco made a change and this Spring some of the lovely prints will be back to being on the outside and some will stay with the prints on the inside. It’s a win-win! Way to go Beco!

And so here is the new Spring line for the Beco Gemini ~

Sierra can now be seen!

And there's a new print (Piper) too with black straps!

And for the ultra cool there is also Pony print with...DENIM body and straps. Yes...denim!!

Beco Gemini in the new Piper and Pony are special editions and only 200 were produced. Where to get these? Granola Babies ofcourse! As always free shipping on Beco Baby Carriers within the USA.

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