Back to Homeschooling we go!

Hey, why  not have another baby and go back to homeschooling at the same time? Let’s totally get crazy, no?

Nope! Actually homeschooling to me is anything but crazy. It’s relaxing, fun, flexible, enjoyable and bonding. I absolutely love it (see past post about the many reasons I love homeschooling).

Last year my two older kids were in a lovely Waldorf school. We chose it because it is grassroots, based on community, the parents are very involved and it has small classroom sizes. Even though we had another Waldorf school nearer to us at the time, we still made the drive to this one because it was so absolutely perfect for a school for our children. And they spent a wonderful year there.

However, I missed homeschooling and the connection we had through it.

I will admit that it’s hard to homeschool and be a working mama at the same time. And because of this I made the decision that work was going to have to reduce and my kid’s homeschool was going to take top priority. I’ve reduced my hours at the store and have amazing mamas working there covering both when I’m not there and helping big time when I’m there. They are all natural minded mamas that love the Granola Babies community so it feels so good to know they are there.

And so we’re back to homeschooling and I couldn’t be happier. And the kids are excited as well as I tell them of the things we will do (and are doing already), the classes they will take and the activities we will do together.

It’s going to be a great year!

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