Are you shopping local and small business?

If you enjoy our social community like Facebook, Twitter…or learn from our site, our blog…come to our events, class…do you also shop at Granola Babies?

Lately this has been on my mind. A lot. As a small business owner locally supporting in many ways my community, I wonder how often those visiting our store, attending our events, participating in our social network choose Granola Babies when shopping for themselves and their babies. I’m lucky in that we have a loyal base of customers that choose Granola Babies to shop the selection we carry.

However, could more be doing the same and shopping our (virtual or in person) store?

In an age where online businesses are fighting at the lowest prices, reaching for quantity instead of quality, or quantity instead of giving back to their community, it’s hard for a small business like Granola Babies to compete. We can’t offer 30% off suggested price across the board like Amazon because we aren’t just a business hoping you spend money and leave and just come back again when you want the next deal on an item. You are more than that at a small business, at a local business you are part of the community. You’re a participant in gatherings, in classes, a contributor to running your City (taxes go to the fire department, the police department, to city services..), you’re a friend when you walk in and never a stranger, you’re part of our social community like Facebook and Twitter. And we’re giving back to you.

Yet, how many realize that unless you also shop at the stores that provide you with so much more than products, those resources you love learning and gathering will soon be gone.

For example our community room and our gatherings can’t happen if we aren’t able to stay sustainable. One gives to the other to make it happen. And you choosing to support both the community events as well as the boutique make it all come together.

What is local though?

Local is those in your area who resources you also use, whose businesses help support your community. And when you don’t have those locally, local is then the small business owner who has an online store and what makes them local to you is that you receive education, support and resources from them. It’s your virtual local store and you’re helping keeping small businesses, the backbone of communities, going by choosing to shop there.

So, next time you’re browsing Amazon or another online store, ask yourself…is this the same store whose resources and community I gather in (whether it be going to a class or resources on a Facebook page)?

But, I save a few dollars by buying at the cheapest place I can find.

Yeah, that can’t be argued. You do. But, at what expense? At losing the small local businesses? At losing the resources you love to visit from them? At the expense of personal service you surely can’t get at an big box store? Hey, we’re on a cash system here at our household. We know all about budgeting. However, I also know about the worth of my money and where I want it to go, what community I want to preserve, and so I choose to save a little more to get it from them than save a few dollars somewhere else.

Shop local. Shop small. Support your community.

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