Are you living in the moment?

We’ve all heard so many times – live in the moment.

But what does it really mean to live in the moment?

To me this quote by Walt Whitman sums it up so well – it’s this place, this hour. Not later, not when we get here or there, but right now, right here. As your little one is smiling at you because she thinks your face is the most entertaining thing in the world and the way you smile back at her makes her return it full of love.  When your toddler is so so so excited because he just found a ladybug and it’s brown and not quite red and he’s wondering how did it get here and where is it going. But also now right here when your little one is crawling around in the kitchen while you’re trying to cook, getting into cabinets and pulling at your leg. Right now when your baby wants you to hold her again and nurse her and be there for her even though it’s been just 10 minutes since the last feeding. Even now, right now, when it’s close to bedtime and nobody is tired…at all.

This is the moment. These too are the moments that you will never get back, the moments that later you’ll cherish. The moments when we go inside ourselves to remember that these too are part of what make up our happiness. Right here, not another place, not another hour, but this hour.

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