Are the kids coming too?

Recently we went on vacation on a cruise, thanks to my awesome aunt and uncle who treated us to a vacation with them. Of course we were really excited, so we told everyone that we’re going on a cruise. It was the first real vacation we’ve had in 7 years! More than once when talking to others about it, I got the question – “Where are the kids staying?”.  A little puzzled, I answered, “Well, with us…what do you mean?” And then I learned that they meant where are the kids staying while we’re gone.

I wonder if it was because it was a cruise and most folks don’t take kids to cruises? I’m not sure, but it never occurred to us to not bring our kids. We take them every where we go and a vacation wouldn’t be complete without our kids with us.

My husband and I have never been ones that needed extended time away from our kids.  Sure, a date night is nice and we do fit in time for those special evenings alone now that they are able to be left with a trusted sitter and have fun with her while we’re gone. But, a few days – we, as a couple, don’t need that. We’d miss them too much and would worry ourselves not having them around for that long.

There’s such a thing as balance of course, and that’s why even when our kids were babies, we’d have date nights in the house after they fell as sleep. A good movie, a glass of wine and cuddling on the sofa consisted of our date nights and even now that we can actually go out for date nights, those earlier ones are the most special to us. There are always creative ways for special moments.

We’ve now finished our cruise, enjoyed our time away and we’re all filled with memories we can share with our kids. In fact, we loved being away together so much that we’re looking forward to our next vacation…with our kids.

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