And our Fall 2013 semester begins


Oh how I love homeschooling! This year we have a packed year with a 3rd grader, a 1st grader and a preschooler. I’ve finally tweaked our curriculum for this year. It was a little more challenging than other years since what Lora, my 3rd grader, will be learning is so different in some of the subjects than the other two children. But it’s homeschooling so we’re all learning together and I’ve have to do combo learning to make it work.

This Fall semester we are beginning our schooling learning about creation and then following that with Noah’s Ark and the story of Moses. From these stories, Okhan, my 1st grader who is eager to learn how to read, will be learning writing and reading. I will choose words each week that we’ll focus on to learn writing skills but also to learn sounds of letters. However, Lora, my 3rd grader will be doing creative writing and cursive from these stories and spelling as well as learning her verbs, nouns and pronouns this semester. My preschooler will be doing art and story telling (they each will practice story telling). I will also be using the stories to branch into science using the Oak Meadow Curriculum (we’ll be using the Science sections of the 3rd Grade Syllabus).

For Math we will be using Saxon Math for both my 3rd and 1st grader. I liked this program since it’s repetitive (they get to go over learned materials so it really sticks), something my daughter needs, but also based on real life practice, something they both like to do. We’re also doing a very fun eco-Lego  class that is happening for homeschoolers and at my store, Granola Babies by Play-Well.

And finally we’re also taking swim lessons and a sports class that changes the sport learned each month. Fun!

Then we’ll continue doing art as we normally do and handwork including crochet and sewing. And lots of fairy tales reading too.

Our very flexible schedule this Fall

Mondays – Lego class, Language and Arts

Tuesdays – Math and Science in the morning and Homeschool Park Day in the afternoon

Wednesdays – Language and Arts & Handwork and Swim Lesson

Thursdays  – Farmer’s Market and Math and in the afternoon P.E.

It’s going to be a very full semester!

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