And it’s been three months

Monday is my favorite day of the week! It’s just me and my kids and we enjoy the entire day together. We play and do outdoor activities and try to do as little errands as possible on that day. Though today we did go to the mall to shop for a dress for an event I have coming up. Note to self – mall with three small kids is not a good idea. My kids are homeschoolers, so there’s no dropping them off at school for part of the day. They are together always and come in a bunch – a crazy bunch that make me laugh and help keep me balanced.

Before opening Granola Babies, I was a work at home mom (to my two online store and since 2008) and also a homeschooling mom. Our days were filled with lots of play, outdoors and getting together with homeschooling groups. But, when I decided to open my brick and mortar after years of yearning for it, I decided to commit three months to it full time at the store to get it going. And boy did it get going! It’s such a lively and growing community and we’re so proud to be a part of it. But, it’s been three months and it’s time to get back to my babies. I truly love what I’m doing, Granola Babies is like one of my babies, which means that it can’t just stay with just anyone. Through the Granola Babies natural living community, I have been lucky to meet amazing women that will care for Granola Babies with the same excellent service and wealth of knowledge that we’re known for. Markell, Allegra and occasionally also Katie, will be at Granola Babies more starting this month, while I go back to being with my kids more. And it feels good. I get to go back to playing with my granola babies and spending time outdoors. I feel really lucky because I feel like I’m getting to have both my dreams – my sweet store and my homeschooling and mothering life with the kids. I truly love being at the store and joining the community we’ve built, but my hours will reduce (have Wednesday and Friday half days off and eventually all day Friday) so that my granola babies and I can get together with our friends and enjoy our own time again.

Everything happens for a reason and in the last three months of the store, I’ve learned so much about friendship and community and have been blessed to be part of something unique. I look forward to what 2011 will bring and how we’ll grow both in our family (hint, hint, yes Baby #4 in the plans) and our lovely sweet store. And my family and granola babies are so lucky that we get to share it all with you. Blessings and best wishes!

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