An interview with Bamboo Magazine co-founder, Ashley Ess

I recently interviewed the co-founder of Bamboo Magazine, Ashley Ess. Bamboo Magazine a new digital magazine dedicated to conscious family lifestyles — all that encompasses natural parenting, holistic health, organic foods, green living, the celebration of nature and creativity.

Let’s gather around them to learn what they are all about and then be sure to also “like” them on their Facebook page and tell them that Granola Babies sent you!

How was the idea for bamboo magazine born?

Both Anni and I have always loved the idea of starting a magazine. We really wanted to fill a void in the natural parenting arena—there are a couple really great magazines out there and a million websites and blogs covering the topic—but there just isn’t a “one-stop shop,” if you will. I became frustrated with the lack of local resources for natural/eco-conscious/holistic interests in Los Angeles alone, so I brought this up with Anni and we decided to create our own resource. Less than a year later, Bamboo Magazine is now blooming!

Can you tell us a little about the mission of bamboo magazine?

We want to be a grounded resource where people can gather great informative articles as well as read reflective pieces on parenting, great crafting tutorials, yummy recipes and find tips and info to support the mind, body & spirit. We want to create a community for like-minded parents and even those who are unfamiliar or curious about natural parenting ideas, with the hopes of taking the whole “conscious parenting” concept out of the niche realm it has been in for so long. I’d love the awareness of more natural lifestyles raised to become the mainstream.

We also wanted to create a separate digital magazine incorporating a more appealing aesthetic than the usual magazine websites. We’ll connect the digital magazine on the site and while you’re there, you can visit our blog, green room (news + updates) and join our community discussion forum. You’ll also find out about the Bamboo Bee-line — our local news + event resource headed up by local community publishers who will send out newsletters highlighting the best news, events & resources available in your area.

What type of features will we read in bamboo magazine?

Each issue will focus on a theme. Our premier issue focuses on Conscious Pregnancy and the summer issue will center around Playtime & Creativity. Each issue will also have great product & book reviews, arts + crafts, eco-fashion & beauty, informative pieces with tips and ideas on how to live more eco-consciously, a Conscious Close-Up of an inspiring, prominent individual, organic food & recipes, and general articles of interest to parents… and more!

What has been your most fulfilling part so far of starting a new magazine?

Aside from the creative process, it’s wonderful to see how we’ve been received so far. We’ve had such a warm welcome in such a short time. We really only announced ourselves in early March and already have a strong following on Facebook, blogs, our Bamboo Community and even by word-of-mouth! It’s really an amazing feeling to know that so many people want to hear what we have to say and see what we have to offer.

What do you see bamboo magazine like in 5 years?

Well, we plan to continue with a strong online presence of course, but at the same time we’d love to have an actual print publication.

As a natural living mother, what advice would you give to parents who would like to become more green?

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed! There is a lot of misinformation about “going green” and becoming more eco-conscious or holistic in general … about being too costly or unnecessary. But it’s important to listen to your intuition as well as the research on the environment and our physical and emotional health. It’s worth it and you are doing the best thing for your family … and the world!

Thank you Ashley! Granola Babies is happy to share this with our community worldwide and looking forward to reading Bamboo Magazine!

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