An apple sauce jar re-purposed.

The apple sauce we buy and also our jellies, as well as other foods we buy at our local grocery store all come in glass jars. Our City recycles so that’s where the used jars would go, but one day I remembered how in the Dominican Republic where I grew up our neighbors would often reuse jars and give them a new life as water glasses or storage. So, I started doing the same. When we finish a jar I’ll often reuse it as a water glass, paint jar, or for storage. I even use them for small flower vases.

Apple sauce glass jar is ready to become a drinking glass.

I clean out the left over food in the jar and put the jar in boiled water so that the jar label can be removed easily. And then I wash the jar and it’s ready for use.

Small and larger glass containers.

At home I have a mix of jar sizes to use as needed.

Our apple sauce jar gets a new life in our house.

And it also makes a pretty flower vase for fresh flowers.

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