Advice for new mothers ~ Wear your baby

For nine months your baby was carries in womb, felt the natural movements of your body, felt your warmth, heard your voice, your surrounding sounds and depended on you.

After birth…this does not change. Your baby still needs to hear your voice, feel you, be near you, live through your rhythmic movements and sleep close to you. It’s a normal biological need that all babies have. And through this way of  being is how your baby is secured and attached in very healthy and natural way.

Babywearing helps you and your baby. Your baby is exactly where he needs to be for thriving development and you also have the comfort and calmness of having your baby near you while still being able to move about your day.

So mamas wear your baby. Wear your baby in a natural way with a comfortable baby carrier that allows you to carry your baby in a natural holding position (upright) and close to you). You’ll be so much more happier in doing so and so will your baby.

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