A visit to the Harvest Faire Village

Saturday was the Maple Village Waldorf School Harvest Faire. The children enjoyed a magical time at the village but first…let the story begin.

In the not so distant past, a band of merry children left their village and gathered at the edge of a farm.  There they met a jolly farmer.  He propped himself on his pitch fork and said, “I’ve put manya seed into this fair land and tended many a fair tree, but never have I laid eyes on as sweet an apple as these apples here!”  The children looked into his basket laden with golden apples and the youngest couldn’t help but reach out and grab the largest one.  “Go ahead, young ones.  Take your pick.  But mind you, these apples are magically sweet and you never know what this magic will bring you on the path from here.”  And so, after the children had learned their fill about seeds and orchards, they opened the farmer’s gate and set out into the pasture to see what lay ahead.

First stop in the village was the Farmer where they saw this season’s seeds and enjoyed a freshly picked apple from the village Farm.

And as they ate their apples, they learned about weaving from the village Weaver who gave them the softest of wool that would bring sweet dreams when tucked under their pillows at night.

With the help of the village Blacksmith, the children made coins.

And they gave their coins to the miller who gave them grain to make flour.

And the children took their flour to the baker.

Who gave them delicious muffins.

With their tummies satisfied, they visited the Candle Maker.

And the Candle Maker taught them how to make magical candles.

And the children continued as they reached the Wise Old Woman, who told them secrets and gave them a sachet of lavender.

And finally, their last stop at the village was the Wizard, who taught the children magic. Each child was gifted a crystal as the Wizard wished them well on their future journeys and bid them live as well as a wizard ought to live.

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