A day of good eating

Our day today started off like every other Thursday – the local farmer’s market. We’re lucky in Southern California because we can go to the farmer’s market all year around, but summer time is especially nice as there are some of our favorites in season. Juicy strawberries, delicious nectarines and the sweetest corn.

For my kids the farmer’s market is about eating. Usually the stalls have trays of their vegetables and fruits. And one particular vendor has a full array of food. And this is where my kids spend a good deal of time.

Next up was our 60 eggs. Yes, this is not a typing mistake. I really did just say 60 eggs. And we eat them all before the next Thursday. What can I say, I love fresh farm eggs. Yum.

Where we full after the farmer’s market? Nope. So, off we went to the South Coast Collection to have lunch. A few times a week there are gourmet food trucks there and Thursday is one of those days. We had grilled vegetable pizza, Marguerite pizza, edamame (my son can eat that all day long) and a vegetable roll.

It was a very delicious day indeed. And as a bonus we stopped at Deer Lovely, a Bohemian clothing boutique here in the OC Mart Mix. And I found a top that was just me!

Looking forward to wearing my new Deer Lovely top tomorrow.

– written by Giselle Baturay, The Granola Mama

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