A day of crocheting



There are days that were made just for crocheting and today is one of those days. Even though we’re all newer crocheters, we find little projects to work on. I’m finishing off a rather goofy looking hat for the baby, Lora is working on a lovely green scarf, Okhan is making strings to put around our Christmas tree and even Evren is working on something by making shoelaces.

My kids started at around 4 years old with hand knitting. It’s easy to get teach them, even if you don’t yourself know how to knit. And then from there they did strings for a long time. While my mother is an advanced crocheter, I didn’t learn how to until just recently. So in many ways we’re learning together. We’ve  learned mostly through books and Youtube videos but also we took a class at our Piecemakers, a local yarn store. I would still call us beginners though so probably in about a month we’ll go to a class again, this time at Suzoo’s Wool Works, also a local yarn store. In particular, I’m finding it confusing to follow a pattern so I’ll work on that in our next crochet class. In the meantime, I will finish off the baby’s hat and do other small project.

While we crochet we listened to audio books from the library. Today it’s Because of WinnDixie: Kate DiCamillo, a story of a little girl who through a new move in her life and a dog named Winn-Dixie, learns about friendship, family and trust.  And as I step away to make tea and take a look back at them with Evren sitting on the kitchen table finger knitting, Okhan and Lora sitting comfortably on the sofa working on their projects, I can’t help but feel all warm inside. My children are enjoying a time of focused silence, a time of closeness and a time of reflection as they listen to the story and crochet. And we’re doing this all together. What a sweet way to spend the day.



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