68 reasons why we homeschool

Outdoor play is a big part of homeschooling.

We’ve been a homeschooling family since our kids were born. At first we started as unschoolers and then later we moved into Waldorf Education and now we’re an eclectic mix of both. And that’s the beauty about homechooling, you can make it what fits into your family and personalize it to your children. And who knows them and their needs better than we do? But, that’s just one of the reasons why we homechool. Here are 68 more reasons why we love homeschooling and getting to watch our kids learn so much while loving learning.

  1. The kids are getting individualized education based on their interest and style of learning.
  2. Lots of outdoors time.
  3. Play-based learning so they can enjoy being children.
  4. No worrying about school lunches.
  5. We can sleep in.
  6. We can take a vacation any day of the year.
  7. We can make our own schedules.
  8. I get to enjoy the kids every day.
  9. You’ll never hear me say – “Gosh I can’t wait until they go back to school!” :/
  10. It’s like summer vacation all year around – and that’s a good thing!
  11. More socialization – yeah it’s true.
  12. Kids can interact with other children of various ages and not just kids their age.
  13. The kids are in a loved and nourishing environment – nobody can do that better than their mama (me!).
  14. No rules! We can make our own.
  15. I don’t need to go to a PTA meeting in order to make changes.
  16. Less commercialism.
  17. Life-learning opportunities.
  18. No pressure to excel too early from other parents and from the school.
  19. Quicker learning since they aren’t having to wait on group learning.
  20. More attention to each child than in a room with a ratio of 1:20 or 2:20.
  21. Learning happens everyday and throughout the day just by living life.
  22. We get to explore each of their interests.
  23. Meeting other homeschooling families and becoming friends.
  24. Watching the kids learn is priceless.
  25. I get to be so involved in their education.

    Having fun learning.

  26. The kids get to hang out with kids that are growing up like this.
  27. They are not exposed to prejudices and biases at such an early age.
  28. Learning is always fun.
  29. There’s no homework! Hooray!
  30. Beach days!
  31. More creativity.
  32. The kids learn to question authority.
  33. Kids become more independent.
  34. The adults that do interact with the kids so closely are all people we know really well.
  35. Library time whenever we like.
  36. Lots of crafts and projects that the kids personally like.
  37. We don’t have stress about meeting government-directed (or private school-directed) expectations.
  38. Getting to learn so much about each kid.
  39. Watching them learn rather than hearing about it.
  40. Learning through nature.
  41. Official “schooling” is done in less than an hour (at this age…and even later it’s 2-3 hours at most).
  42. Homeschooling kids are scoring higher in tests (including college tests!).
  43. More time to do arts such as dance and music.
  44. No principal’s office – yay!
  45. No having to worry about the kids being bullied at school.
  46. Rainy or snowy days are the best.
  47. Coming up with new ways to have fun homeschooling.
  48. Getting to pick our own curriculum, mix of, or not at all.
  49. The kids get to learn things they would not have learned in a classroom and in their “grade”.
  50. More family time.
  51. Learning at their own pace.
  52. The kids get to learn more life skills.
  53. The kids are not passive learners.
  54. No busy work.
  55. We get to take field trips whenever we want.
  56. The kids don’t have to wait for feedback.
  57. There is no grading their work.
  58. Testing is optional.
  59. The kids learn the importance of routines based on our family and not school-forced.
  60. It’s more affordable than private school.
  61. Less back aches since they don’t have to carry all those books.
  62. We keep our right to vaccinate or not without the pressure to do so.
  63. The kids absolutely love it.
  64. We LIKE being around the kids so much.
  65. Our kids don’t have to raise their hand to be heard.
  66. The kids get to be an active part of their education – they are empowered.
  67. Children learn to problem-solve through the day instead of just assigned time.
  68. The kids look forward to learning each day.

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