5 Reasons to Love Softbums

If you haven’t given Softbums a try yet, here are my top 5 reasons to love Softbums.

1 – Fits 5 lbs to 35 lbs

The Softbums Echo shell fits a baby as little as 5 lbs (wearing a preemie prefold) and goes up to 35 lbs. How big is a child at 35 lbs? Well the average child is about 3 years old at 35 lbs. That’s a huge range in sizes!

2 – Softbums rise can be individually adjusted

The main reason why parents get such a good fit with Softbums (see previous post here about Softbums) on their babies is that each rise of the diaper can be individually adjusted. So, let’s say one leg has a great fit, but the other one is a little bit too loose, you can change that simply by adjusting that side only.

3 – Softbums is a family-owned, wife and husband team. How cool is that!

Small businesses are what keep our country going.  And we sure do work hard at what we do! And so do the Softbums wife and husband team, Sarah and Brian. They are parents of four, Sarah is a La Leche Leauge Leader and together they’ve put their hearts into Softbums.  We simply love that!

4 – Want a pocket? Want a hybrid? Want a diaper cover? You got it!

With the Softbums system, the Echo shell can be used as a hybrid (snap off the dry pod and replace with a clean one – done!). The Omni shell by Softbums can also be used as a pocket (and still also as a hybrid). And both the Omni and the Echo can be used as diaper covers for other types of cloth diapers such as prefolds, bamboo or hemp inserts. Very versatile!

5 – Softbums is very cost effective

Cloth diapering is in general cost effective, but Softbums is especially a huge savings. A full-time cloth diapering Softbums package (see discount at Granola Babies) is $315. With this you can start cloth diapering your baby at birth and do so through potty training.  That’s about .35 cents a day for your cloth diapers! Can you think of anything else that costs you .35 cents a day and lasts you through your child is 3 years old? That’s pretty awesome.


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