1st Family Camping Trip

Last weekend, I decided that we’d go camping on Labor Day. We had been talking about it forever, so I figured, hey why not just do it?! So, I went over to the Caspers Wilderness Park reservations website and found one lonely camp site still left. I took it! And it looked so good too, so I was really happy.

Well, the week went by and next thing you know it’s the day before we’re supposed to go camping. It was really hot and the weather report said that the park will be 87 F. Then there was a seasonal warning about stinging insects, and oh yeah, there was also a phone message left on my machine that the park was dry (no running water). Hmmm…that camping trip sure was not looking that good after all.

Then it’s Sunday. The day we are supposed to leave. Do we have our bags packed, tent in the van and food ready to go? Nope. Not a single thing! We hadn’t gone camping with the kids (or in like 7 years) so we had nothing at all. Off to the local camping store we go! We bought all our supplies from Grant Boys camping store in Costa Mesa, CA and then put together some food to take along, our air bed, blankets, pillows and clothes. And the camping trip began!

Luckily, it’s only 30 minutes away.

Once we got there, I knew right away that we were going to have so much fun. It was beautiful and it wasn’t that hot after all! Yes, there were quite a lot of bees – everywhere. And our camping neighbors were really loud. No water was interesting (we brought our own) and we sure did get dirty since the site had no grass (just dirt) but we loved it. We ate our simple meal, played, slept like babies, cooked a terrible coffee over fire and then made delicious eggs and bacon over the same fire. Took a couple of walks and later went home after lunch.

We are hooked on camping! Made reservations to go camping again in a month. :)

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