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Vatanai Woven Wraps

Vatanai Woven Wraps


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Exclusive to Granola Babies ~ Vatanai Woven Wraps

If you are intrigued by the idea of babywearing, but dread the idea of wrapping miles of fabric around you and your little oven of a baby, the Vatanai wrap may be just the wrap for you. Perfect for warmer climates, the Vatanai wrap is known as one of the lightest and supportive wraps (not including Yakutat) on the market compared to other European woven wraps. These wraps are made in the Czech Republic and is a family-owned business. Only the highest quality hypo-allergenic dyes are used, and the end result is a baby wrap free of heavy metals or other harmful substances. The wraps are colorfast, and while lightweight, they are very durable.

Granola Babies highly recommends Vatanai woven wraps for new wrappers, as it's much easier to learn with than heavier woven wraps. Keep in mind that while Vatanais are lighter than other woven wraps of the same excellent quality, it's still will take time and practice to learn to use a woven wrap if you've never wrapped before.

About the Fabric Blends

Syringa is made with a blend of combed cotton, viscose, linen and bamboo.

Los Cabos is made with a blend of combed cotton and bamboo.

Skye is made with a blend of combed cotton, viscose, linen and bamboo

Ravenna, Solsbury, Whitsunday, Taranaki, Tintagel, Lavaredo, Yakutat and Mardi Gras are made with combed cotton.

Why we love it ~ 

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for all seasons and in particular warm weather
  • Quality hypo-allergenic dyes are used
  • Folds up really small and fits into a diaper bag when not in use (depends ofcourse in size wrap purchased)
  • Unique cross-wise stretch makes it very easy to handle
  • Supportive for babies and toddlers 

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