Softbums Try-Me Pack

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Curious about Softbums? Go with the "Try-Me" Softbums Pack!

With this package you'll receive a Softbums Shell (you choose Echo or Omni and they are available in durable velcro closure) and 3 Dry Pods to use with your Softbums Shell.

So let's talk about your cover choices ~

Omni Softbums Shell (cover) 

The Omni Softbums Shell is a brilliant idea that includes a diaper cover that is waterproof on the outside, has soft fleece touching baby's skin on the insider and can be used as both a pocket diaper or  a hybrid cloth diapering system. This works for parents that are trying to decide between a pocket diaper or a hybrid cloth diapering system. It's quite simple -- the best of both worlds.

Echo Softbums Shell (cover)

The Softbums Echo diaper shell is a hybrid cloth diapering system where you snap on a pod ( aka insert) on top of the inside of the cover. 

Ways to use your Softbums Shell 


Omni Softbums Shell in particular ~ when used as a pocket diaper, the insert is placed inside the opening of the cover and when baby soils the cloth diaper, both the insert and the cover are placed in your diaper pail to be washed on wash day.


Both Omni and Echo Softbums Shell ~ when used as a hybrid cloth diaper, the insert is snapped on top of the inside of the cover and when baby soils the diaper, you'll remove the insert and re-use the cover (as long as it doesn't have poop on it).

The Softbums shellscan be used with babies as little as 5 lbs and as big as 35 lbs and is adjusted using the Slide_Size unique feature where you adjust the diaper size to fit the size of your baby.

Plus you also receive 3 Dry Pods! 

Our DryTouch Pods are absorbent and economical.Made to fit just as easily in an Omni pocket and snapped into an Echo, these Pods contain 4 layers of absorbent microfiber and are topped with creamy soft microfleece. With no need to fold for larger babies, these are our easiest Pods yet. 

Limited to one per household and cannot be combined with other promotion.

Available Product Options...