Re-wood Toys Wooden Teething Necklace Ring


Re-wood Toys created this beautiful teething necklace using locally sourced woods that would have otherwise been unused (such as scraps and extras). Here at Re-wood Toys we believe in recycling and reusing wood to create high quality products for babies. Each piece of wood is inspected to ensure that it is excellent quality and that there is no damage, molding or rotting.

Where does our wood come from? Trusted local carpenters, mills and kitchen cabinet makers.

Why use unused wood, scraps and extras? We believe in reusing what is already available in our community. Mills, carpenters and cabinet makers often have leftover pieces of wood that cannot be used in large projects. As a result, these small pieces of wood can be left to rot, can be thrown out or burned. Re-wood Toys will take these leftover pieces of wood and make gorgeous, safe toys for your children.

What type of woods do we use in our teething necklaces? Our teething toys are always made using either maple or cherry wood.

Directions for cleaning: Clean your teething necklaces using soap and water. Finish with a food grade oil or beeswax. We prefer using organic flax seed oil (available at most Health Food Stores).

Picture is representative of product and actually necklace wood and string color may vary.