Motherhood Group: Mind Body Motherhood ~ $180 (Begins Oct 8)

Motherhood Group: Mind Body Motherhood ~ $180 (Begins Oct 8)

Motherhood Group: Mind Body Motherhood ~ $180 (Begins Oct 8)



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You can’t fill someone else’s cup if yours is empty. Mind Body Motherhood offers a space to gain insight, receive compassion, and fnd support in a community of women. Our focus is self-care through intelligent conversation (that isn’t focused specifically on parenting) and meditative yoga postures. We’ll tackle interesting and meaningful topics, such as: dealing with change and uncertainty, sexuality and creativity, willpower and achievement. Any woman is welcome, no matter how many children you have or how long you’ve been a mother. Allow the focus to be on your needs, your feelings, and your health as we work together to make self-care a habit, not an occasional indulgence.

About the Teacher

Facilitator Whitney Graham Alex believes all mothers deserve meaningful connection and community. After the birth of her daughter, she was struck by the lack of options for women who weren’t new mothers, or who wanted to discuss something other than parenting. MBM grew from Whitney’s belief that all women must engage in self-care, regularly and unapologetically, in order to better tackle the myriad demands of life. An attorney by trade, she carefully curates her classes via yoga training, Chopra Center classwork, extensive reading, and consulting with women and professionals in her community.


Motherhood Group: Mind Body Motherhood takes place at Granola Babies Annex, 2 blocks from Granola Babies Children's Boutique. Please click here for location details.