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BBslen Woven Wraps

BBslen Woven Wraps


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Maybe you۪'ve been wearing a little one for a while now, in a ring sling or a stretchy wrap. But the stretchy wrap is starting to sag a bit, or the one-shoulder carry didn't quite survive your baby۪s most recent growth spurt. You۪'re thinking about graduating to a woven wrap, which is known to offer great support for older babies and toddlers.

Another reason you may want to move up to a new level of babywearing is the itch to wear your little one on your back. While there۪ is so much you can do with your hands free and a little one snuggling on your front, the freedom of tossing your child on your back is unparalleled. Plus, older babies often love the view from over your shoulder.

Unsure what size to get? See our helpful Granola Babies Woven Wrap Sizing Guide  

When you۪'re ready to move up, either for more support, or better back carries, one of your best choices is a Babylonia Wrap, better known as a BB-Slen. The BB-Slen is widely considered, in the babywearing community, as one of the best wraps for back carries. It is particularly good for rucksack carries, which is one of the simplest back carries to learn. The BB-Slen is well-suited to the rucksack because it is particularly wide, giving you plenty of fabric to work with as you make sure the fabric supports your child۪'s back all the way to the back of their knees.

The BB-Slen is also considered grippy (wrapper terminology for a wrap that does not slip easily), a feature that also comes in handy when doing back carries. The diagonal weave makes this wrap super comfortable for babies and toddlers, and they come with a very easy-to-read manual to help you out on the transition to a woven wrap.

Your new BB-Slen will give you the confidence to get your little one on your back, and will enable you to wear your baby longer than you ever dreamed possible!

What makes BBslen such great wraps?

  • BB-Slen is dyed with non-toxic dyes
  • Thin and often preferred for warm climates
  • Great choice when learning to wrap
  • Works just as great with toddlers, as it does with young babies
  • Easy to care for - can be machine washed and dried
  • Hand weaved using the best weaving techniques
  • Rich and fun colors

When would you choose BBslen?

  • Looking for a great value wrap
  • Warm weather
  • Prefer thinner wraps
  • Need a wide wrap for back carries


Sizing ~

It's recommended to purchase for the primary wearer. For woven wraps the average size person can use a 4.5m - 4.7m.  If you're above average size than a 4.9m - 5.5m is recommended. If you're petite than a 3.5m - 4.2m may be used. For limited carries than a shorter wrap size may be used such as 2.5m - 3.5m. For help with sizing, please contact us.