Gift Registries

We're here for your special event :)

To us your event is very special. It's your time for you, your baby and your family and friends. And we strive to make it easy and quick for you to register for the special gifts you'd like to receive and to coordinate with your your family and friends purchase them for you. Think of us as your event gift concierges. We'll help you create your gift registry and we'll be there as personal shoppers for your family and friends when they visit or call to purchase gifts for you.

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Darleen De La Riva

Jennifer Chittick

Wenona McKinnon

Kailey Waite

Mee Hee Yang

Heather Mishler

Karissa J. Collins

´╗┐Amanda Littlejohn Gift Registry

Brittany Charnley Gift Registry

Bart and Tine Zandbergen Gift Registry

Natalie Summerfield Gift Registry

Angelica G. Saldini Gift Registry

Samantha & Elliot Calloway Gift Registry

Kassy Makena Gift Registry

Sinnamon and Erick Hanser Gift Registry

Jessica Mejia Gift Registry

Shannon & Andrew Saldin Birthday Registry

Create your gift registry

Visit Granola Babies anytime that is convenient for you and we'll walk you through creating your gift registry. Our expert gift registry staff will review your gift registry and make suggestions for what items you may also love.

Can't come into the store? Please download the gift registry form and mail it to us.

Let your friends and family know to shop your registry by asking for it in the store or by contacting us for your registry.

Enjoy this special time as family and friends shop for your registry items!

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