Woven Wrap Baby Carriers

Woven wraps are a favorite among seasoned babywearers and once you try one you will understand why.

A woven wrap is a very long piece of fabric that is specifically woven for babywearing. It has a diagonal stretch that makes it ideal for support without being overly stretchy. Many moms start babywearing with a stretchy wrap (moby/bobawrap/etc.) and find them to be unsupportive after a certain weight. A woven wrap has the same benefits as a stretchy wrap but continue to be completely supportive through toddlerhood. It really is something you can purchase for your tiny newborn and still use years later.

There is no need for any additional accessories to fit your newborn. With ideal positioning, your baby will curve into you in a very womblike position. They quickly drift to sleep with the familiar smell of mom and the rhythmic sound of your heartbeat. As your baby grows, the wrap grows with you, easily adjusting to fit both you and baby.

When baby has more head control, you can start using this carrier in a hip position, giving baby a great view of his/her world, while still keeping baby close and connected to you. Once baby is sitting up, you can even wear baby on your back!

Many moms find that woven wraps are much cooler and breathable than other carriers. They come in many colors and designs; it should be fairly easy to find one to match your personal taste and wardrobe. I have to warn you though; it will be hard to choose just one which is why so many moms have several in their babywearing stash.

A first – the idea of wrapping can seem overwhelming, but once you learn your first carry you will see how simple it actually is. Once you get past that small learning curve, there are hundreds of different carries you can do with this single wrap. From front carries, hip carries and even back carries with elegance that we new moms sometimes forget we still have.