Ring Sling Baby Carrier

The ring sling is a must for every babywearing stash! This is the ideal carrier for newborns and toddlers alike.

Made from a simple piece of fabric or woven wrap with rings on one end that attach to the open end like a vintage belt. Like a woven wrap, the material is specially designed for babywearing, making it ideal for support.

Many moms love how small it can be folded up to easily fit in a diaper bag. It’s also great for quick trips to the store when you want to slip baby in and out in a hurry without much fuss. This is one of the only baby carriers that you can breastfeed in a cradle position, which can be a game changer for new moms beginning their breastfeeding journey.

There is no need for any additional accessories to fit your newborn. With ideal positioning, your baby will curve into you in a very womblike position. They quickly drift to sleep with the familiar smell of mom and the rhythmic sound of your heartbeat. As your baby grows, the ring sling grows with you, easily adjusting to fit both you and baby. When baby has more head control, you can start using this carrier in a hip position, giving baby a great view of his/her world, while still keeping baby close and connected to you.

Toddler moms enjoy the ease of taking toddler in and out easily as they begin to explore their world on foot , which usually doesn’t last long before they want back in mama’s arms, then back down again.

With so many colors and designs to choose from, it will be hard to choose just one! Many moms like to have several to match different events or outfits. There are also many fabrics to choose from, from simple cotton, to cool linen and fancy silk! Rainbows are a huge hit with new moms as the stripe colors help to see which area needs adjusting. Whichever you choose – you really can’t go wrong with a ring sling.