Length of tails in a 3.6m and a 2.6m

I know it can be hard sometimes to determine if you need a 2.6m or a 3.6m size wrap. Most wrappers get a short length so that they can do carries like rebozo (as well as others). So, for reference, I’m posting a picture of me doing a rebozo carry with a 2.6m and a 3.6m. You can see the difference in tail length for each wrap. I’m 5’8″, so you can determine how long the tail will be on you based on your own height.

Rebozo in a 2.6m woven wrap

And a rebozo in a 3.6m woven wrap

In the 2.6m, I’m carrying an older child than in the 3.6m, but it really doesn’t change the tail length that much when I’m carrying the baby.

Hope that helps in determining which length you need for a short wrap!

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