Holiday Gift Ideas

It's holiday gift shopping time! Some of you are ecstatic about this and some are lost in the world of confusion as to what to get the little ones in your life. In a world of junky plastic toys that break easily and don't last long, it can be hard to find those quality gems that enhance creativity and are made with quality. Well, not that hard actually, since we have them all at Granola Babies. :)  We literally have hundreds of holiday gift ideas. But, we know that sometimes it can be hard trying to narrow down to that perfect holiday gift.

Here's are some ideas that will help get you started. Come visit us for these and more.

Gifts for Ages 0 - 12 Months

For this age, we recommend motor skills enhancing toys such as our sorting toys, blocks for stacking and pounding toys, such as our 3-in-1 musical pounding toy. In addition, any of our many  many teethers are fabulous for teething, as well as motor skills as the handle and move around their Granola Babies teethers.


Gifts for Ages 1 - 3 Years Old


This is such a fun age for riding toys, walking toys (ours have places for their children to put their toys in too!) and more stacking toys to stack and then push down (a perfect choice would be our sturdy cardboard stackers). We also really like to start introducing creative play at this age. Toys like our European lines are specifically made to further a child's creativity and ability to "think outside the box" with their toys and find multiple ways to play with the same toy. In addition, many children this age also like having their own "baby", which we recommend our soft dolls and cuddly stuffed animals for this very reason.

Gifts for Ages 3 - 6 Years Old

Granola Babies offers toys for up to age 6 years old, though my 9 and 11 year old children still find toys they want when they visit Granola Babies. In this age group, children love the open-play, creative houses that can be built any way their hearts desire. Pretend play is key during this age and having our tea sets, kitchen ware and pots, dress up clothing, as well as more of our European creative play toys can mean hours and hours of quality playtime. In addition, blocks are still a classic during this age and made even more interesting with our magnetic blocks. For many years, my children enjoyed playing as well with their wooden animal toys, which were passed own from child to child and many are now over 10 years old. All of these and more available at Granola Babies.

There are so many more options at Granola Babies, but these recommendations should get you started into lovely holiday shopping or any time shopping. We believe in quality over quantity, beauty in toys as well as creative toys that grow with the children.

Happy shopping and enjoy!



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Five years ago today. Bittersweet.


I got this picture this morning when I went to my Facebook newsfeed. It was a memories picture from five years ago today. Talk about flood of emotions.

Before moving to SoCo we had a small space, not in the best plaza, but it was what we could afford to lease. It's where we did our first year as a brick and mortar, after years of being online. When we outgrew this location, I sought hard for our next move.

I chose SoCo Collection because I believed in the vision of what was planned for the plaza. Stores, mostly small businesses, where you'll see the owners working at their stores and a variety of boutiques and restaurants. It took a few years for this vision to be realized, but today, SoCo Collection is absolutely all of this. SoCo Collection was a first of its kind here in Orange County. It was the inspiration for the many other plazas that opened with the same vision. It paved the way and we were part of this. Granola Babies was at the time the only boutique in the entire courtyard. I believed in what it would be and am proud of what it's become.

But, having a store and a family has it's challenges. I was (and am) a working parent, also (at that time) trying to homeschool three kids ages 7, 4 and 2. I didn't get to see them as often as I wanted to, since I worked full time at the same time. Like all full time working parents, I lament the times I missed (and still miss) getting to be with my children more.

On top of that, five years ago, my fourth was a vision as well. I wanted so badly another baby and had several miscarriages before I finally carried through his pregnancy. The community of Granola Babies and SoCo Collection was so supportive when one of the miscarriages devastated and broke me. And this same community, celebrated with me when my fourth was born. And as a baby of a shop owner, he came to work with me, a worn baby, for a long time.

As inspiration for other shops as well, we've seen businesses open and sadly also close. We've reinvented ourselves each year, to meet the needs of our customers and we've made changes that shocked some and pleased most. I thank my family and my customers for the fact that Granola Babies is open and striving.

Where will we be FIVE years from today? Honestly, I don't know. As small business owner, I take it one year at a time. I love our shop, I love our community and I love our team and the commitment we make to make our customers happy. And we plan to do so as long as we can.

I can't believe it's truly been five years from this picture. Feels so long many changes, so many wonderful things and some not so wonderful things. But isn't this how life is. Yet the future is bright and whatever it brings, we'll meet it and embrace it. Thank you for the last five years.



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Introducing our new Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Susan Dauer!


We're honored to introduce our new Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Susan. Susan Dauer is a licensed Registered Nurse and a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) in Orange County, who is currently working at a local hospital and also operates her own home-visit private lactation consultant business, as well as private appointments at Granola Babies Annex.

As a registered nurse with 14 years of experience she has the needed assessment skills to detect a potential problem, and has the experience of teaching new parents the latest information on infant care.  Her goal is to assist women transition into their roles as new mothers.  She is here to guide and support you and help you reach your individual breastfeeding goals whether that is 3 months, 6 months or a year and beyond!  

As a mother of two healthy, beautiful girls, her experiences with breastfeeding challenges and joys of her own daughters is what inspired her to be a lactation consultant.  Her mission is to provide the extra support and resources needed so you can meet your breastfeeding goals, but more importantly: Enjoy your breastfeeding relationship in the most fulfilling way possible!

Susan is available for appointments (starting in September) during on weekdays and weekends between 9:30 am - 5 pm. To make an appointment, please visit our Breastfeeding Consultant with IBCLC page.


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